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Title: Darkness to Light

Author: Melody / Eloy Brightdreamer

Fandom: D.Gray-man
Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Summary: A child becomes a Bookman's apprentice and steps into the light for the first time.

Disclaimer: I do not own D.Gray-Man or its characters. No profit was made from this story.

Winner 2nd Place DGM Origins Fanfiction Contest

Darkness to Light )

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I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
PG or PG-13
and include the following things:
angst, pillow, automail

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

Title: Goodnight
Author: [ profile] brightdreamer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 221
Status: Complete
Warnings: Spoilers for ep 25.

Whee, drabbles are fun! )
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Fandom/Pairing: s-CRY-ed, Kazuma/Ryuhou
Title: The End of All Things, ch. 2: Beginning
Rating: PG for boys kissing
Word Count: 630
Summary: After discovering that they're still alive, Kazuma and Ryuhou have to deal with what happened when they thought they were dying. Written for [ profile] 30_kisses challenge #5: "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")

Ano sa... )

Possibly to be continued!
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Title: “The End of All Things”
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1471
Summary: Ryuhou and Kazuma, the invincible defenders of the lost ground, finally reach the end of their power. Written for [ profile] 30_kisses challenge #16: "invincible/unrivaled."

The End of All Things )
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Title: Fire and Ice
Author: [ profile] brightdreamer
Pairing: Ryuhou and Kazuma
Fandom: s-CRY-ed
Theme: #19, Red

Opposites repel and attract )

[x-posted to [ profile] 30_kisses]
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Chapter 7: Beginning )
To be continued!!
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Geez, took me long enough! I hate these filler chapters. I've got a really good scene coming up that I want to get to, though!

Chapter 5: Routine )

Next chapter: "Mortal." Already got it mostly written!!
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Chapter 4: Quest )

I was a little afraid that I'm making Inuyasha OOC by giving Kouga the back rub. What do you all think? I edited that part quite a bit recently, too. Is it better?

IY's going to take a bit longer to realize he needs Kouga along. But what can Kouga do to prove that? I'm thinking about having some random youkai attack... something that IY couldn't handle with a Kaze no Kizu... but I don't want it to get cliched.
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