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Figured I'd go ahead and post these here to keep them in order.

"Compile" - Tron/Sam. Sam is injured in the real world and the only way to save him is to bring him to the Grid and give him program code. He is then trapped there. 3 parts posted of fuckifIknow how much to go. Sorry for screwy posting, I had to delete and repost.

"Touch" - Sam non-con recovery, closely following the events of Legacy Hints of Sam/Quorra. Part 10 of 12? 13? posted. Stalled for the moment as I figure out how the fuck I'm going to end it.

"R&R" - As yet unposted, WIP bribefic for [ profile] yanagoya. Flynn/Tron bondage. Tron REALLY needs to relax, and Flynn is going to make damn sure he does. Early established relationship.

Fic for [ profile] grey_sw, won from [ profile] help_japan, using:
Title says it all: I'd like to see Clu being pleasured by an entire squad of his ~~perfect~~ elite soldiers. Clu has designed the Black Guard to be as impressive off the battlefield as on... and the more he gets off on said perfection, the better!

Rinzler, Jarvis, Sentries, and/or the kitchen sink also welcome. Hell, make it a Throne Ship wall-to-wall!

Untitled - Inspired by another [ profile] yanagoya pic and that prompt on the kink meme. Virginal!Tron and amused!Flynn. "Oh that's what that's for!"

Kinkmeme prompts that caught my eye:
Flynn gets ridiculously sick while in the digital world at some point and needs someone to care for him.

Cue fluffy hurt/comfort from Tron/Clu/Quorra as they try to understand what the fuck is happening to Flynn. I don't really care what he's sick with, the flu, a cold, just a stress fever, appendicitis, heart attack, whatevs.

If it's Quorra taking care of Flynn, can it be a father/daughter kinda thing though <3?
Sam/his right hand. (Yeah, you read that correctly.)

After leaving the grid, he's feeling contented with Quorra by his side, but he finds his fantasies repeatedly drifting back to the violence, programs and machines in the Grid... and it turns him on far more than he'd like to admit.
Bonus points for a shower setting (or some other place where he's entirely alone), and hidden shame on his behalf.
Quorra isn't used to her new bodily functions and wets her pants. Sam is incredibly turned on by this.

Desperation/pants wetting and hot sex please!
programs and their users are more connected than anyone really understands - by which I mean, when a user gets off SO DOES THEIR PROGRAM

so kevin is all hey alan bb let me love you with my dick

meanwhile tron and clu are working on the grid and suddenly
Because OP is a sucker for hurt-comfort...everybody lives! post-Legacy fix-it prompt: Flynn survives, rescues Tron, but he's badly broken. To keep him alive he needs massive transfusions of power from Flynn, so they have to stay in virtually continuous physical contact (bonus if Tron is unconscious much of the time to begin with).

Flynn can't fix it (e.g. because of something Clu did to Tron's programming) so in desperation he re-rezzes Clu for help, but updates his programming with his own memories and attitudes, producing Clu 3.0. Clu 3.0 remembers everything that he did, but now sees it from Flynn's pov, and is horrified, especially by what he did to Tron. Flynn and Clu 3.0 work together to fix Tron.

Sex optional, but lots of physical contact between the three of them (for power transfer, or just plain old-fashioned h/c hugging and snuggling) requested! I know this is a specific prompt - anything including even just one of the two main elements (i.e. cuddly power transfers/angsty Clu 3.0) would be loved and adored!
So, we never really figure out what happens to Yori, and even if she was still alive poor Tron wouldn't remember her.

Clu decides that he needs to make sure none of Rinzler's potential memories or urges related to Yori mess with his rectification. Gem, who usually prepares Rinzler for the games, also stands in for what Yori used to do for him.

Bonus points if Gem's more into it than Rinzler is. Extra extra bonus points if, during the act, Rinzler wants to call Gem some other name, but can't remember what that name is.
Requesting long, detailed, hardcore straight-out smut. Clu being a controlling, power-loving dominant asshole, Rinzler being the obedient slave he's supposed to be, taking all the abuse and loving every minute of it.
Tron survives his dunk in the Sea of Simulation which washes him out, but he doesn't remember much of what happened to him, except for horrible flashbacks and nameless shame and fear, nor does he remember his identity - either of them. Alone, traumatised and amnesiac, he lurks at the edges of the Grid, living as a scavenger, too scared of people programs to go anywhere near one. Sam, Flynn or Alan find him and take the poor program home (on the Grid or in the User world) to take care of him. Hurt/comfort galore!
There's one Game that Tron's been taken to multiple times. He hasn't told Ram about it, since it's too... awkward. It doesn't feel like something he /should/ talk about. He calls it the Overload Room, in his head, though, and the name is pretty self-explanatory. For whatever reason, twisted power generation or twisted fantasy or twisted /something/, in the Overload Room, two programs are put together without their discs, with nothing but an unblinking camera in the corner.

The rules are simple: both programs must have overloaded (i.e., climaxed) by the time the guards show up again. If either of them haven't, one or both are derezzed. Tron is - not good at it, that doesn't sound right, but tries to be gentle and respect whatever boundaries he can in a situation like that, and so far he's managed to avoid either his or his partner's deletion. They're paired randomly, so often Tron never sees the other program again.

And then the guards take both Tron and Ram out of their cells at the same time. And put them in the Overload Room.

Bonus: Tron has *feelings* for Ram, making it deliciously awkward.

Double bonus: Ram's never overloaded before, making his effectively a virgin. Whether he chooses to share this fact with Tron is up to the potential fillernon.

High score: Tron kisses Ram. He didn't do that with any of the other programs.
There's a general consensus around the fandom that when Clu turned Tron into Rinzler, it hurt. Now I'd like to see it going the other way.

When Sam (or Alan) finds Tronzler, he's no more than halfway back to his usual self. The rest has to be done via code manipulation, and Tronzler's now incredibly sensitive to that thanks to Clu. Simply put, as with any physical rehab therapy, the road back to being Tron is intensely painful. I want Sam or Alan to feel really guilty over causing Tron so much pain, but knowing it's necessary. Comfort sex after it's all over would be nice.

tl;dr - Going from Rinzler to Tron hurts like hell. Comfort sex ensues.

I'm not picky about the circumstances, but Tron finds himself spending a considerable amount of time with Character A*. Character A doesn't think much about casual touch--a friendly hug, an arm over a shoulder, a steadying hand on an arm, whatever. But when they touch Tron, he flinches.

Turns out, Tron hasn't experienced a single non-violent touch since before Clu betrayed Flynn. He has no idea how to respond to it.

The fic can be either romantic or platonic, but I want the main focus to be Character A helping Tron recover.

* either Sam, Alan, or Quorra.

My own prompts that I might as well fill myself:
There's a new, insidious type of computer virus on the Grid, and even the best antivirus programs (i.e. doctors) aren't able to stop it. It attacks the strongest programs (such as Tron or Clu) and makes them exhibit symptoms similar to User illness. Flynn is the only one who can stop it but he's not around all the time...

Run with it. I just want a sick!Program and caring!Flynn. 8D
Quorra is discovering all the new things her body can do in the Real World. Sexuality? Masturbation? Hell yes!

Sam walks in on her trying out this wonderful new body. In his bed.
So a program's been brought into the real world and everything's fine, living amongst the humans, becoming human itself, all well and good. They're adjusting well until they come down with a human flu/cold/stomach bug and are distraught/confused OH USER I'M DYING.

Prefer Tron or Clu for this, but a Quorra is fine too. Caretaker could be Flynn, Sam, or Alan.

Huh. I think I see a pattern.
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