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Title: Moments After

Authors: [ profile] brightdreamer and [ profile] shirozora 

Fandom: Tron: Legacy

Pairing: Sam/Tron

Rating: R-ish

Summary: Frantic, needy, desperate touching moments are good, but it's the quiet after that's the best.

A/N: Written almost entirely over text message while [ profile] shirozora was at SDCC and [ profile] brightdreamer was at work. We're awesome like that.



Sam takes the lead this time, pressing Tron into the wall, licking over the T-circuits at his throat, thumbs circling over the nodes at his hips. A moment later, he tugs Tron over to the bed, smirking, fingers roaming over the program's chest as he pushes him down, crawling over him and straddling his hips. Tron's hands come up, reaching for the lines on Sam's shoulders, but Sam bats them away.


“I got this,” he murmurs, pressing down on the nodes low on Tron's stomach, leaning down to slide his tongue over the circuits on his chest, working his way slowly down, down, down, following the lights, breathing over them, watching them flare and pulse. By the time he gets low on Tron's hips, Tron's arching and groaning underneath him, and Sam has to hold him down, hands firm on his thighs, grinning against the glow.


He sits up, fingers still caressing over the well-known circuits, staring down at Tron, all the blinding lights pulsing and hot, sending waves through him in shudders. Tron looks absolutely wrecked, his arm thrown over his head, lips parted. Sam grins, leaning down to kiss Tron fiercely, hands sliding everywhere, finding circuits and pressing down hard. Tron bucks up against him, gasping out his name as he overloads hard, the feedback sparking through Sam's circuits, causing him to rock against Tron, seeking that last bit of friction because he's so close.


Tron reaches out. Hands wrap around Sam's hips, pressing and sliding along the circuits there, and Sam cries out as the overload hits him. He writhes over Tron, mouth sliding over lips, jaw, neck, his body pressing to the program's as though he wants them to merge together. For a moment it feels like they are—all he feels is energy roaring through him to Tron and hurtling back, faster and faster into a blinding blur. Light flashes behind his closed eyes and he tastes energy and Tron, shuddering over him and feeling the program's hands roaming slowly over his back. They're careful, caressing, gentle over his trembling body and pulsing white lines, bringing him back down to Tron. Slowly he becomes aware of the soft purr, calming, soothing, winding around him like a touch in itself. Finally, he raises his head and looks down at Tron, a small smile on his lips.


Tron's gray eyes seem to glow with their own inner light as he slowly lifts his head and presses a soft kiss, leaving a trace of electricity. Sam likes this, these quiet moments after, when there's no need for frantic touches, when his heart is still racing a bit but he can feel the calm settling in. Moments like these he wishes the world away, wants to believe it's just him and Tron and this almost surreal happiness that he didn't have for twenty years. He opens his mouth, almost says something, but then shakes his head and rests it back on Tron's shoulder, his fingers playing lightly over the T-lights.


Sam sighs as Tron gently runs his fingers through mussed hair, looks out the translucent window at the faraway cityscape. Slowly he closes his eyes and dozes off.



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