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Title: White Night Fantasy
Fandom: s-CRY-ed
Pairing: Ryuhou/Kazuma
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uh... porn? In the woods? Or something else entirely?
A/N: OH DEAR GOD. I wrote this back in November 2004, inspired by this commissioned art by [ profile] yanagoya which I do not believe she has posted anywhere ever but is still one of my favorite pieces of s-CRY-ed fanart. I warn you that my writing style has IMPROVED IMMENSELY since I wrote this so... uh. Enjoy? Or laugh? XD

The moon cast an eerie silver glow, reflecting off the dew-covered leaves and blades of grass. Ryuhou pushed his way through the forest, having no difficulty seeing in the bright moonlight. The shadows danced on the forest floor as a gentle breeze tossed the branches. He really had no idea where he was going, only that he needed to get there quickly. The sense of urgency stemmed from no danger, but still he hurried, pushing branches out of his way as he followed the narrow path.

“Ryuhou.” He heard his name called softly. Stopping, he turned toward the sound, which had issued from the trees to the side. Ducking under a low arch of branches, he caught his breath at the sight that met him. Kazuma was lying on a bed of soft moss and grass in the center of a natural clearing in the trees, his bare skin glistening in the patchy moonlight streaming through the leaves above. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he grinned, holding his hand out in invitation.

Shaken out of his daze, Ryuhou stepped forward, shedding his clothes hurriedly. He allowed Kazuma to pull him down, settling between his legs. He groaned as Kazuma’s arousal pressed against him, feeling his own stiffen even further. Kazuma twined his fingers in Ryuhou’s hair, pulling him down for a long, deep kiss. His other hand ghosted over Ryuhou’s arm and shoulder, sending shivers down the older boy’s spine. His tongue dueled playfully with the other’s, giving and taking, tasting and feeling.

After a few eternal moments, Ryuhou broke away with a gasp. He rocked against his lover, eliciting a low moan. Bringing one hand up, he pressed two fingers into the boy’s mouth, coating them with saliva. Kazuma pulled his knees up to his chest, hooking one leg over Ryuhou’s arm. Quickly but gently, Ryuhou lowered his slickened fingers and prepared his partner. Breathing heavily, he watched as the pleasured expressions flickered across Kazuma’s face, each small gasp and moan making his own cock throb.

Unable to wait any longer, Ryuhou slid back up Kazuma’s body, positioning himself carefully but hurriedly. Wrapping his fingers around Kazuma’s erection, he pushed into him slowly, groaning at the sensation. He watched through slitted eyes as Kazuma tossed his head back, his mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure. Biting his lip, Ryuhou tried to retain his tentative control. Slowly, he slid bad out and in again, his low moan echoing with Kazuma’s. Soon, though, the tight heat became too much, and he was thrusting into the boy hard and fast, keeping time with his hand on the other’s arousal. As their movements became more frantic, their moans and pants were muffled by the rustling leaves overhead. Ryuhou couldn’t believe how good it felt... it was amazing... it was... oh god... he was...

Ryuhou awoke with a cry, sitting bolt upright in bed as the waves of orgasm swept over him. He squeezed his eyes shut, clenching his fists in the sheets beneath him until the tremors passed. He hoped he hadn’t awakened the young man sleeping beside him. Funny, though... he could almost feel Kazuma’s warmth around him... the dream still felt so real...

Finally, he opened his eyes with a sigh and a grimace, looking down at his lap to see how much of a mess he’d made. To his surprise, he saw a tangle of dark auburn hair–the top of Kazuma’s head. The boy looked up, grinning as he released Ryuhou’s softening erection with a final flick of his tongue. His single eye glinted mischievously in the dim moonlight from the window as he licked his lips with a smirk. “Good dream?”

Ryuhou took a deep breath, running his fingers shakily through his hair. “Y-yeah,” he murmured, feeling a deep blush creep onto his face. “But you... I woke you.”

Kazuma chuckled darkly, then slid up the other man’s body to press a quick kiss to his lips, transferring a hint of Ryuhou’s own taste back to him. “Hmm, yeah, you were being kinda loud.” He nuzzled under Ryuhou’s chin, licking at his collarbone. “So, tell me about it.”

Feeling his cheeks flush even darker, Ryuhou fell back to the pillow. “No,” he said firmly.

Lying down beside him, Kazuma nipped lightly at his earlobe. “Aw, c’mon,” he said with a bit of a whine, his hand rubbing small circles on Ryuhou’s bare chest.

“I said no!” Ryuhou protested, even as he felt his body begin to relax under Kazuma’s soft caresses.

“Hey, I think you owe me that much,” Kazuma growled against Ryuhou’s neck. Reaching down, he grabbed his lover’s hand and pressed it insistently against his own wide-awake erection. “Tell me.”

Instinctively, Ryuhou curled his fingers around the other man’s cock. “I don’t think you really want to hear...”

Kazuma snorted, pushing against Ryuhou’s hand. “Yeah, right. Like I’d miss this chance to hear what goes on in that brain of yours.”

With a sigh, Ryuhou shifted and turned to face him, propping himself up on one elbow. “All right. Fine. But I’m warning you...” He tightened his fingers around him threateningly. “If you mock me, I’ll kill you.”

Kazuma hissed, both from the pleasure and slight pain. “Yeah, fine, whatever.” He stared up at Ryuhou with his good eye, resting his head on one arm. “So tell me, what kind of dream gets my Ryuhou all hard in the middle of the night?”

Clearing his throat, Ryuhou wondered how to begin. He hoped his flushed cheeks were hidden in the dim light. “Well,” he said slowly. “I was on top for once.”

Kazuma chuckled again. “Hey, I let you be top sometimes.”

Narrowing his eyes, Ryuhou gave him another teasing stroke. “Yeah, only when you’re feeling lazy. And who said you ‘let’ me do anything?”

Kazuma waved his hand in the air dismissively. “Whatever. Go on...” he pushed up slightly against Ryuhou’s hand, as if to remind him of what he was doing.

Still sure that this was a bad idea, Ryuhou began again. “You were outside, and I was trying to find you...”

“We’ve done it outside before,” Kazuma interrupted. “Don’t you rememb... ahh...” he trailed off in a moan as Ryuhou tightened his fingers and stroked him more firmly.

“Do you want me to tell you this or not?” Ryuhou growled, working his hand faster.

Kazuma’s only reply was a gasp as he nodded his head weakly. “All right, then,” Ryuhou continued. “You were out in the woods waiting for me. You looked... really good.” He was starting to gain his confidence, his hand moving easily in a familiar rhythm on Kazuma’s hardness.

“G-go on,” the redhead moaned, his hips thrusting in time with Ryuhou’s touches.

Ryuhou inched closer, sliding his free arm behind Kazuma’s neck so he would whisper the next words into his ear. “I took you right there on the forest floor, in the moonlight,” he murmured.

Kazuma’s left hand slipped down to cover Ryuhou’s, urging him to move faster. His other hand curled around Ryuhou’s waist, pulling him closer. “And... did you... like that?” he panted.

“Yes,” Ryuhou hissed, adding just the right amount of pressure with his fingers, feeling that the other was close to the edge. “You felt so good... so tight...” He punctuated his words with firm strokes, coaxing the boy to greater pleasure. “And you... liked it too... having me inside...”

“Nng... I did, huh... ohhh...” Kazuma groaned, his body tensing and arching into Ryuhou’s hand as he came.

Ryuhou gasped and gradually released him, feeling his blush return in earnest. He’d never talked aloud about his fantasies before! To hide his embarrassment, he rolled over and grabbed a towel off the night-stand with his clean hand. Turning back, he quickly wiped his fingers and Kazuma’s stomach, unsure of what to say now. He was a bit shocked at himself–at what he’d been able to say already. Expressing thoughts and emotions, especially about relationships, had never been easy for him. To be so... open with someone else was a new experience.

Kazuma solved the dilemma for him, pulling him down for a deep, sensual kiss. When Ryuhou finally broke away, gasping for air, Kazuma gave him a satisfied smirk. “That sounded pretty hot,” he said. “Maybe we’ll have to try it sometime.”

“Really?” Ryuhou was surprised–he’d almost expected the other to tease him.

“Yeah, but...” Kazuma curled close, pushing Ryuhou back onto the pillow and resting his head on his shoulder. “I get to pick one of my dreams for us to do the next time.”

“Oh?” Ryuhou raised one eyebrow, curious. “Like what?”

“Mmm...” Kazuma pulled closer. “Tell you later. Sleep now.”


“You woke me up, baka. Want sleep. So shut up before I knock you out.”


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