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Title: Long Distance
Fandom: Tron
Pairing: Sam/Tron
Rating: R
Warnings: Circuitsex. Mutual(?) masturbation.
Summary: Birthday fic for [ profile] shirozora. Long-distance relationships are difficult. Sam leaves Tron a... surprise. Set in [ profile] shirozora's "We Are Pilots"-verse.
A/N: So [ profile] shirozora wanted "voice porn" and I wrote this to her entirely over AIM in the space of about an hour. Please forgive any typos or glaring errors.

"I don't know when you'll find this, Tron, but I hope I haven't been gone too long. Well, long enough that you'll start to miss me. How long does that take, huh? *a laugh* Usually right after I get back, for me. Soon as I hit the other side of that portal."

"Bet you're kinda confused right now, but I hope you're alone when you're hearing this. Hell, I hope it's you listening and not someone else. That'd be kinda embarrassing, I bet. Oh well. Not gonna worry 'bout that right now."

Tron smiles, hearing Sam's voice echoing through the small device he'd found tucked in a corner of his desk. It's not the same as having the User right there, not at all, but it's enough to hear his voice, for now.

"Know it's a lot longer for you in there than it is for me out here, and man, I can hardly stand it some days. Can hardly stop myself from just running back in there, turning around and hitting that laser control and heading right back in. We've kinda got the weirdest long-distance thing ever going, huh?"

Closing his eyes, Tron leans back in his chair, just letting the sound of Sam's voice wash over him. He laughs a little at the last, echoing Sam's chuckle on the file.

"Miss you so damn much sometimes, Tron. Like tonight. Wish you were here." Sam's voice catches, just a little, and it makes Tron ache to hear it. If he could, he would be at the portal right then, waiting for the other. "Do you think about me, too? I'm thinkin' about you... a lot." The tone changes to something deeper, huskier, and he can hear the sound of Sam's breathing, slightly heavier. "You ever touch your own circuits, when you think about me?"

Tron's eyes fly open, and he realizes just what is going on in the recording. An image springs into his processor, Sam speaking into the device, his hand stroking down his chest, fingers dipping beneath the waistband of his pants, pressing over the trapped bulge... and before he can think better of it, his own hand has moved as if of its own accord, circling lightly over his hip circuit. The lights are glowing slightly brighter already, and Tron has the presence of mind to reach out and slap the controls to lock the door of his office as the message continues. "I bet you do," Sam says, his voice low, an amused tone to it. "I can see you now, all lit up for me... you want me to touch those circuits, yeah? Can't do it right now, so you've gotta do it for me."

He hears the faint rustle of cloth, and imagines Sam's hand delving into his pants now, maybe soft cotton shorts, maybe jeans, and knows the User is stroking himself. A groan escapes his lips as his opposite hand flies up to touch the T-shape at his throat, the lights flickering in sequence. "Know you love it when I use my mouth," Sam's voice purrs, wrapping around Tron, caressing him with words. "I know just how to touch you, what will set you off the fastest. You're so damn hot when I lick those lights on your chest, you know that? You make the best sounds. Bet you're making 'em right now." Tron gasps, fingers flicking over the glowing shape, hips arching up instinctively as he feels the phantom weight of his lover over him, words and voice his only anchor right now.

"If... if I were there, I'd be all over you right now..." Sam's voice is getting shakier, breathing heaver. Tron's hands move faster over his own circuits, pressing the nodes at his hips, on his stomach, on his chest. "Y'know what's my favorite, though? Your hands. Those... those circuits on your goddamn fingers, man..." At that, Tron brings his hand up to his mouth, sucking the first two fingers into his mouth, tongue working over the pulsing lights. "God, I could make you come just from that. Gotta... gotta... try that sometime.... nngh, Tron..." Sam's close, Tron can tell, his voice ragged and breathy.

Tron's right on the edge too, every circuit flaring bright white-blue, everything tight and hot, blinding him in intensity. "C'mon, Tron... I'm there, I'm touchin' you... c'mon..." Sam gasps, and Tron goes over the edge with a cry, fingers sliding down his neck to press the circuit at his throat. He hears Sam moan his name over the recording, over and over, and he can see the User curling and gasping and arching as he comes with him.

There is silence on the audio for a long moment, and Tron thinks it's over as he slumps in his chair, panting, trying to regain his equilibrium. After a time, though, he hears a chuckle and a sigh. "Well. Guess that'll hold us over for awhile, huh? I'll see you soon, Tron."
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