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Title: Longing

Fandom: Tron/Tron: Legacy

Pairing: Tron solo, Flynn/Tron

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Flynn's been gone way too long. Tron takes matters into his own hands. Literally.

A/N: For [ profile] yanagoya  again, and her amazing artwork.
(Crit encouraged on this one, y'all. I feel like it's not my best pr0n and I'm not sure what it's missing...)


Flynn had been gone far too long. Tron couldn't claim he'd lost track of the cycles, it wasn't possible for a program, but every new one that began had him looking eagerly to the sky, hoping to see the glow of the portal that would signify the return of the User, the Creator, his friend, his... well. They had something far more than that now, didn't they?


Tron stared out over the city, standing on the balcony of his quarters. Another cycle was ending, and still no sign of Flynn. Tron knew that he should return inside, begin his recharge, prepare for the next day, but... he wanted to postpone just a few moments more, waiting, wondering...


Flynn had promised to return soon, hadn't he? Tron replayed the memory file, a faint smile crossing his face at the reminder of Flynn's bright grin as he waved goodbye before vanishing into the portal, the heat of his body as he pulled Tron in for a kiss, and before that, the way he'd pressed Tron into the wall, hands roaming over his circuits, a promise of “later” and “next time” murmured into Tron's ear and against his mouth.


With a gasp and a jerk, Tron realized that he was absently brushing his fingertips over the four squares at his throat, causing a flare of light to rush through his circuits. Pushing away from the balcony rail, he stepped back through the force-field and into his room. Now agitated, he paced the bare floor, too lost in thought to consider rezzing up a chair or couch.


I'll be back soon...”


Flynn's hands, mouth, tongue on him, bringing him to the edge and over, showing him things he never knew were possible.


I know it's only a short visit but...”


Flynn's smile, Flynn's body, Flynn's touch...


I wish I could stay longer...”


It wasn't enough, it was never enough, never enough time, never enough of Flynn, and though Tron knew he couldn't fault him for having to lead two lives, he... needed him, now more than ever. Since they'd begun their whatever-this-was now, Tron coveted every moment he could have with Flynn. There were other things to worry about, of course, the ISO problem, the issues with the gridbugs, Clu's increasingly radical ideas, but... every stolen moment was too short.


Just gonna have to tide you over to next time, huh?”


Pausing in his restless pacing, Tron leaned his back against a wall, bowing his head. He could almost hear Flynn's voice in his head, and his lips tingled faintly where Flynn had pressed one last, desperate kiss before stepping into the light. Closing his eyes, he lifted his hand and brushed his fingertips over his lower lip, shivering at the feeling. A faint moan escaped him as he parted his lips and pressed a little more firmly, letting one finger slip in to brush over his tongue, the bright circuit flaring and pulsing.


Almost of its own volition, his other hand moved from the wall, flattening over his stomach, finding every glowing circuit and tracing lightly over each in turn. Flynn always liked to tease, letting a little of his User power seep through his fingertips into Tron's circuits, driving him mad with desire and bringing him to the brink of overload even before they'd interfaced completely.


Flynn would touch him like this, pushed against the wall here or in a hall somewhere, sucking his fingers into his mouth, splaying his hand over his chest or stomach or hip, knowing exactly where to press and what circuits would drive Tron to arousal the fastest. Tron gasped around two fingers in his mouth now, tongue working over the purple-tinged lights, his other hand sliding up to caress the T-shape at his throat.


Flynn breathed over the T-lights, tongue flicking out over them, and Tron moaned, the back of his head banging against the wall as he arched against him. Tron clutched at Flynn, shuddering...


Tron slid down the wall, coming to rest on the floor as his knees suddenly felt weak. “Flynn,” he gasped aloud, fingers leaving his mouth to trail down his throat and chest, derezzing his suit in their wake, down to his waist. His true circuits underneath were flickering purple, heated arousal pulsing through him. Letting the glove on his right hand dissolve as well, he traced his fingers over the glowing lines, the bare skin of his hand almost, almost close enough to Flynn's, but missing the spark of User power that flowed through him.


Flynn moved above Tron, his skin pale against Tron's luminescent circuits, but still warm and vibrant and oh Users...


More, he needed more, it wasn't enough. Parting his legs, he slid his hand down further, letting his suit derez just enough to release his straining cock. Flynn had shown him this too, something programs had but did not know its purpose, but Flynn... Flynn gave him new pleasures, more than just his circuits. Tron wondered if other programs had discovered such things yet, and if they knew what they were missing, if not... but now was not the time for such thoughts. His fingers brushed the straining length and he gasped, arching away from the wall and bracing his hand on the floor.


Flynn grinned up at him, settling between his legs and kissing the inside of his thigh. “You're gonna love this, man. I promise.” He laughed at Tron's confused expression, then his mouth... oh Users, his mouth...


Tron was lying stretched out on the floor now, uncaring of comfort or propriety as the memory files replayed in rapid succession behind his tightly-closed eyes. His hand became Flynn's hand, wrapped around his hard length, stroking, caressing, thumbing over the leaking tip as he lost himself in desire and memory.


All new to you, huh? Heh... lemme show you...”


His still-gloved hand smoothed back up his body, leaving a trail of bright purple-blue glow as each circuit reacted to the touch, Flynn's touch.


Flynn was hot and hard inside him, moving in steady, even thrusts. He bent his head to lick the circuits at Tron's chest and Tron wrapped his legs tighter around his waist and pulled him in closer and harder harder faster harder...


Tron's hips snapped up to meet his hand, which was moving in frantic, desperate jerks over his cock now, seeking that edge that only Flynn had helped him find. “Flynn...” His fingers found their way into his mouth again, working against his tongue and


Flynn's tongue laved over the circuits on his fingers, licking away every trace of sticky white fluid before sucking the bright circuit-lined digits into his mouth, sending Tron shuddering into another overload


Flynn... ahh, Flynn...!” Tron's arm fell over his head onto the floor as he lost himself, legs kicking faintly, pushing against the floor, trying to find purchase on the smooth cold surface and


Flynn's hand worked him to completion, stroking firmly, fingers pressing into the delicate circuits on his cock just hard enough to send him over, watching him with a wondering smile on his face, breathless as he thrust into him a few last times and


Tron gasped, mouth open wide, back arching, tense, as his hand tightened around his twitching length and he came hard, luminescent fluid splashing over his bare stomach as he writhed and shuddered and moaned.


Even that glows too, huh?” Flynn's voice was full of amusement as he wiped his mouth clean before kissing Tron deeply, showing he didn't mind.


Panting, trying to calm his systems, Tron lay on the floor, unable to comprehend moving just yet. His hand was still wrapped loosely around his now-softening cock, circuits gradually fading to their normal blue-white, and still, he could not move. He'd never... he'd always been with Flynn when... had he truly been missing him so much? “Come back soon, Flynn,” he murmured, finally shifting to roll to one side.


Didn't realize you missed me so much,” a voice came from near the door, and Tron froze. How had he not noticed someone coming in? But he knew that voice... and his processes skipped as he saw Flynn step into the light. “Though, that was quite a show.”


Flynn grinned, moving to crouch beside him. “Bet I can make the real thing even better, whaddya say?”


Tron didn't know whether to punch him or kiss him.


He settled for knocking him to the floor with a kiss.


Date: 2011-04-29 08:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh my users that was hot. Girl, I love your writing so, so much.

Date: 2011-04-29 08:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*fans self* I love this sort of thing. Nicely executed.

Date: 2011-04-29 12:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Fffffffff... it's crazy good. Love your fics. :D

Date: 2011-04-29 04:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
...and now the sequel is following? Soon?

Mmmm, so hot. Tron on his lonesome is becoming one of my favorite things. ;D

Date: 2011-04-29 05:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]



I don't know why I love solo Tron as much as I do, but I dooooooo.~ And this was fantastic.

(I also really, really, really love the idea of Flynn watching him. HAHA.)

Date: 2011-04-30 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Man, I don't even normally ship this but this was totally hot. o.o and a great accompaniment to the art.


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